Join CrossFit Palm Springs

If you would like to visit our gym and discuss your specific health and fitness goals with no commitment, we would be happy to meet with you.

We welcome you with open arms. We know that making the decision to join a CrossFit gym can be intimidating, we assure you that is not our goal. Once most individuals realize that CrossFit can be extremely effective, safe and all inclusive they become an integral part of our community.

CrossFit CURIOUS? $395

Are you new to CrossFit?

Set yourself up for long term success with this membership!

First, you will go through 6 personal training sessions where you learn some of the foundational movements used in CrossFit such as Squats, Pull-Ups, Presses, Burpees and Deadlifts.

After you complete the 6 sessions you can begin your first month (included) of group CrossFit classes! Build on what you learned in your “foundations” training and challenge yourself with new and more technical movements in a supportive group setting.

Don’t worry, your Coach will be there to scale to workout to your specific needs, and your Classmates will be there to cheer you on!

The perks of this membership also include some free swag and a nice discount you can use for your next CFPS purchase (excludes prepaid memberships)


6 Personal Training sessions(45-60 min. each)
1 month of unlimited classes, 20% off your next purchase, and a free t-shirt!



CrossFit Curious lite $295
required for new members

Want to start CrossFit and save a little $$?

All new members are required to go through some form of “foundations” training unless you have previous real CrossFit experience.

This membership includes 3 personal training sessions to teach you the foundational movements of CrossFit in a hurry.

Finish the 3 sessions and you’re ready to start group classes within a week!

First month is included!


1 month $195
unlimited use. no commitment

Planning to use your membership to the fullest? This is for you. 

Includes unlimited CrossFit Classes and Open Gym. 

Must have previous CrossFit experience to purchase.

Non refundable.

1 week $85
visiting for a long weekend?

Keep your training on track while you're on holiday.

Includes unlimited CrossFit Classes and Open Gym.

Good for 7 consecutive days.

10 class $155
don't go to the gym often?

Are you planning to only do CrossFit 2-3 times per week? 

Maybe you just visit Palm Springs frequently and want to save some $$ on drop ins.

These 10 classes can be used for CrossFit or Open Gym with no commitment after.

Cannot be shared. Expires after 1 year. Non refundable.

1 year $1,800

Ready to make a real commitment to your fitness and health?

This 1 year membership lets you do that while saving you some serious $$. Equivalent to $150 per month for unlimited CrossFit Classes and Open Gym!

Must be paid up front, in full. Non refundable.