Gym will be closed for a short vacation 8/5 - 8/9, please read for more info...

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CrossFit Palm Springs will be closed for a short vacation starting Sunday 8/5. We will reopen at 3:30 pm (Open Gym) on Thursday 8/9.

Enjoy sleeping in for a few days, or resting up that nagging knee/shoulder. Go for a swim. Or, an early morning run or bike ride. Do some meal prep with the extra hour in the evening.

If you absolutely have to have your CrossFit fix (you know who you are) you can take the opportunity to drop in at another local box. Most if not all would love to have you! Be a good CrossFitter and make sure to visit their website in advance to find class schedules, policy, and price. 

If you're a real sadist you can do Open WOD 12.1 at home. Look it up. Either way, theres plenty you can do to improve your overall heath outside of the gym for a few days. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and appreciate your understanding. Thanks for choosing CrossFit Palm Springs. 


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