Results too good not to share!

Heather reaching a goal of 100 lb deadlift on 11/26/18! (up from 30 lb on 11/6)

Heather reaching a goal of 100 lb deadlift on 11/26/18! (up from 30 lb on 11/6)

Heather Coladonato at CrossFit Palm Springs

Back Squat 75 lb achieved December 4, 2018

This is one of our new members, Heather Coladonato (6:30pm class) and her results from our CrossFit Curious Promo and first month of group classes at CrossFit Palm Springs from 10/30 to 12/08/18.

Quick back story…

Around 6 months ago Heather, and her business partner Luis Fausto at Creativo Partners, were hired by us to do a complete rebranding of CFPS along with a new website buildout and marketing. (they do an amazing job btw) Needless to say, I’ve been bugging her since we started working together to join our CFPS community.

After coming to film & photograph a group class in action she finally caved and agreed to try it. She said that the energy and the passion of everyone working hard to better themselves inspired her to recapture her own health. For the last 39 days she’s showed up to the gym 5 times/week with a positive attitude and followed some very simple guidelines about eating.

Here are her results:

Overall weight + 5.9 lbs 
Heather was told not to weigh herself but she broke the rules and was nervous going into the final scan because of the weight gain...

Lean Body Mass + 9.1 lbs
This is a measurement of everything that is not body fat, including muscle. More is better when it comes to lean body mass!

Body Fat Mass - 4.0 lbs
This is actual pounds of fat lost! 4 lbs over the course of 5 weeks. That’s what healthy weight loss looks like.

Body Fat Percentage - 3.5%

This is a measurement of the relationship between body fat and total weight. A change of 3.5 % in 39 days is significant! 

Heather got these results from doing CrossFit. Not a boot camp. Not an all cardio class. Not miles and miles of running or cycling. Not a fad diet. Thats’ right, CrossFit! Diving into CrossFit along with some simple changes to her diet yielded these very significant results and we are all very proud of her on her journey to fitness & health.

Remember, your HEALTH doesn’t want to wait for the new year. Start now! Our CFPS community is here to help & coach you on your own journey, just as we are with Heather and so many others. Call, email, text, direct message or just stop by to get started.